People Make Glasgow


Diamond Armada // DAGames is the work of Will Ryan! Best known for his music, animations and let's plays, DAGames is across Newgrounds and YouTube with his work. Creating YouTube hits like 'Break My Mind' after the Five Nights At Freddy's franchise with over 35 Million plays! Don't take our word for it go and check out his channel for the latest lets plays, awesome animations and songs that will get stuck in your head > DAGames


What's going on guys, Dawko back here again! Youtuber, livestreamer, and a genuine guy that'll make you smile! With two channels, one entirely dedicated to Nintendo games, Dawko has a range of content featuring the most anticipated indie games to hilarious IRL challenges. Our personal favourites being Try Not To laugh Challenges... we always lose... but so do you right?! Check out his channel with a variety of content for you to feast your eyes on > Dawko

The Prenti

A veteran to the YouTube space, having been doing YouTube for around 8 years, Prenti has a varied amount of content ranging from his Barista style videos, gaming (even with a dedicated gaming channel separate to his main one!) and insane challenges with his friends. The Prenti has been to a bunch of Insomnia events now, and we can't get enough! From downing whipped cream live on stage in Nerds & Noobs to beating the audience at Gang Beasts. We welcome back the Scottish legend with a hug! Show his gaming channel some love > The Prenti (link his gaming channel here)

8-Bit Ryan

One half of 8BitGaming, also known as Ryan not other Ryan. He is best know for his focus on horror lets plays. So make sure to check out his channel!

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